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WELCOME to your Training HUB at CocoricoWORLD!

If you've been dreaming of embracing your native or second language as your SUPERPOWER and running your very own language sessions for children, this is the place for you!

You'll find . . .
* support
* inspiration
* step-by-step guidance and coaching

That take you through each of the 5 stages that get you from "Maybe I could do this" to"I've Started and I'm LOVING it!"  And then long-term support to continually grow and improve your sessions to constantly delight the children.

You can listen to the PODCAST and join the Facebook GROUP, too!

I can't wait to hear what you do with YOUR Superpower!

Available Products

Free Discovery HUB

Here's where you'll find all my free resources, so you can discover:
* Why your language is your superpower
* How you can use your superpower to create something amazing

* What you need to know to get started (even if you have no qualifications, are not confident with your English, and don't know if you're capable)
* How to work with your fear/lack of confidence/procrastination and DO IT anyway!


COMPLETE Step-by-Step GUIDE to Setting Up Your Very Own Language Sessions

READY TO LOOK AT HOW TO SET YOURSELF UP?  Where should you start?

I've taken the answers to ALL of the most commonly-asked questions I receive about GETTING SET UP, and put them into one beautiful STEP-by-STEP guide so that YOU can set yourself up ready to start with confidence!

$15 AUD (That's Aussie dollars)!

Your First 2 Session Plans - DONE for you!

All excited and ready to start planning your very first languages sessions?

No more procrastinating and questioning for you - you'll be WOW-ing those kids from Day 1 with
YOUR FIRST 2 (30-minute) Session Plans - DONE FOR YOU (complete with video training)!

PDF Plans + Games Video Coaching to make your learning fun and your first sessions a HIT!

$27.00 (AUD)


Not just reading a book, but creating a super fun, interactive LANGUAGE experience for kids!

This training will show you How to NOT bore the children while reading from books
AND totally enchant them with your language AT THE SAME TIME.

With these magic techniques, your stories will be transformed into magnificent language experiences!

$77 AUD

CLUB Cocorico

You don't have to do it all on your own!

Our membership is filled with amazing women just like you, and we build our sessions up together, one step at a time, whether you're working in childcare or running your own gorgeous language sessions at home or in a hired space.

With an exclusive private Facebook group to share, ask questions, give and receive encouragement and ideas,  a CLUB Vault full of game ideas and coaching videos, CLUB Zoom parties to cheer each other on, plan and create together, and exclusive invitations to practical Zoom coaching workshops to really grow your skills, CLUB Cocorico is everything you'll need to start and grow your language sessions for children in the very best of company!

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