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CLUB Cocorico

CLUB Cocorico

Having coached and seen wonderful bilingual women like yourself go from
having a vague idea about maybe running their own language sessions,
to actually STARTING and LOVING IT,

there are two things that they all wanted more of:


through all the phases of starting & growing their sessions 


So in May 2019,
I launched CLUB Cocorico!


Little did I know what a beautiful CLUB family we'd become!

The support, encouragement and inspiration that has come through our
live Zoom sessions and messaging has been absolutely amazing!

Members have gone from having nothing more than a vague idea
of running their own sessions, to actually STARTING (and loving it)!

But don't take it from me.
Click HERE to hear it personally from two of our founding members.

Then I'll give you a sneak peek inside our CLUB Cocorico games site.

If you love what you see and want to be a part of this amazing CLUB family,
put your name on the Waitlist and be among the first to know when our doors will next be opening for new members
(Hint: it's soon ;-))

16 Modules

Why our CLUB members love being in CLUB Cocorico!

Come and hear from our CLUB members why they love their CLUB Cocorico, and join Judith for a video preview of our CLUB games site.


SUPERPOWER TIP - What I learnt about toddlers (It's amazing!)

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